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Everyone has (or don’t have) a website that they dread managing. Not to mention, getting in to see it’s activity is all too complicated to deal with as well. What if there was an easier way to drive your website on the information superhighway without feeling so dreadfully lost? Well, you’re in luck, as that is the solution I’m creating. Introducing BlackBOX, a preconfigured set-it and forget-it, all-in-one-box set of WordPress Plugins and Themes. With BlackBOX your website comes with all the tools necessary to not only create a beautiful website, but also help drive traffic to itbut all engage your users and grow your business faster. That’s not all! Create a web shop that synchronizes with other platforms like Google and Facebook!

If you’re like me and tired of looking for all these tools spread across multiple accounts. Put it all into one box. BlackBOX.

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