A day (2+ years) at the office

A day (2+ years) at the office

August 21, 2015 Work 0

Tough times call for Tough measures. Which for me, means a mean measurement of time management. Try saying that 100 times fast! Luckily, when I set out to do something – I do what I set out for. This time it was grabbing a full time gig at J.D.Mellberg Financial as their Front-end Web Developer. If you’re curious to know, ask me how I became an underestimated hero at this multi-million dollar company.

It all started with long meetings lacking focus, full of frustration as everyone was comparing apples to oranges with their manually pulled data reports…I am a software engineer, and that’s all I ever wanted to be in a corporate setting. An efficient, nose to the grind, software engineer. These meetings were incredibly inefficient, and if I am to be honest, they affected my workload in a way that was quite tiresome. Being solution focused, I recognized a need at JDM, and luckily I had already built the software for it. My project SuperDom was first written in 2010. I wrote the code, and rewrote the code several times before ever realizing how beneficial it would be for a company like JDM. Once the light bulb turned on in my brain, I wrote it again, for the umpteenth time as COMPASS – Company Overall Management Planning And Strategic Systems. I met with department heads for months and customized COMPASS as I went…the results were astounding. I created a Live Data Reporting tool for the company. No more manual data reporting. No more meetings of comparing apples to oranges. No more- okay, more like much less- headaches during our weekly meetings. I was finally free to go back to doing what I did best. Efficiently create quality code. Beautiful updates to the software I built. Life was simple again. Interested in what COMPASS can do for your company? Visit https://www.hallofthegods.com/compass to learn more.

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